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Advantages of All Inside RV Storage

At All Inside RV Storage, no one handles your RV but you. You don’t get “hangar rash” from storing it next to others. Our large storage garages leave plenty of room for personal items, tow vehicles, trailers, boats, kayaks, fishing gear, tools, etc.

This is the cleanest RV storage in the Palm Springs area. We are conveniently located next to Palm Desert and La Quinta in the city of Indio. We maintain the finest indoor storage facility in the Coachella Valley for motor homes, recreational vehicles, boats, classic cars, golf carts and more.

  • Fully-insulated individual units from 10′ to 100′ wide and up to 85′ deep
  • Larger units have electric bi-fold hangar doors with remote
  • Air-conditioned lounge with restrooms
  • Check out our local vendors section for information on getting your coach washed, serviced or repaired

compass 84401 Cabazon Center Drive Indio, CA 92201

Phone: (760) 775-6808

All Inside RV Storage is located on 10 acres in Indio at Avenue 48 and Dillon Rd.Get Directions