Large Units for RV Storage

large-rv-unitsMany of our customers own premium motor coaches. This premium motor coach is entering its 14 foot by 16 foot high storage unit. You and only you move your coach. Your unit is secured with a pad lock. You have the only key. The light in your storage unit comes on when you use the micro gate opener to enter the property. Some units are climate controlled. Most have full time or rotating power available.

High Ceilings for Tall Vehicles

high-ceilingsStorage units can accommodate both high and wide RVs. All units have 16 foot high ceilings. In this example a rather high camper fits easily into one of the storage units. Some units are climate controlled.

Boat Storage

Inside boat storageThe units are ideal for indoor boat storage. Just park your boat. You don’t have to unload it or secure the contents. No one but you has access to your valuable marine items. Some units are climate controlled.

Covered Wash Area

Wash rack at All Inside StorageYou can use the covered wash area to prepare your coach for the next trip. Water, large ladders and convenient 50 amp power are supplied. And if you don’t want to do the job yourself we know people who will do the job for you. Check out our local resources page.

Units Available





  • Fully insulated units
  • Select units available with climate control
  • Electricity – rotational power, full time power, 50 amp power available on select units
  • 2 covered wash areas with soft water
  • Compressed air
  • Battery Charger
  • 3 restrooms with 24/7 access
  • Lounge with wi-fi
Purchasing a Storage Unit

Why rent or lease when you can purchase your unit. Purchase price is based upon $100 per square foot. A 250 square foot unit sells for $25,000. Some advantages to purchasing your unit include:

  • You own the unit and can sublease it when you are not using it.
  • You pay once and don’t continue to pay rent. You don’t have to be concerned about a rent increase.
  • You get the unit’s appreciation. Better to own than rent.
  • Based on supply and demand the rates will probably increase. And if you sublease, the lack of additional units will increase the value of your unit.
  • The purchase is considered an Industrial Condo – you own the air space.
  • You can sell the unit when you no longer need it and don’t want to sublease it.
  • One-half the units will be sold. One-half retained by All Inside RV Storage.
Storage Unit Rates
SizeSq FtRate/Month+Rate/Month
(1 year lease)+
10 x 25250$335$270
10 x 30300$381$303
12 x 30360$417$335
12 x 35420$449$357
12 x 40 480$481$394
14 x 40560$562$459
14 x 45630$632$517
14 x 50700$702$574
14 x 60840$843$689
14 x 70 980$983$804
16 x 701120$1,123$918
Premium Units
SizeSq FtRate/Month+Rate/Month (1 year lease)+
25′ x 50′1,250$1,461$1,171
28′ x 50′1,400$1,636$1,312
28 x 551,540$1,800$1,443
50′ x 50′2,500$2,922$2,343
50′ x 100′5,000$5,843$4,686
ItemAdd Monthly Cost
Rotational Power$15.00
Full-Time Power
(20 AMP)
Full-Time Power
(25-30 AMP)
Climate Control Power$100.00
Community Storage
ItemAdd Monthly Cost
Golf Carts$80*
*Pick-up/Delivery$80 fee each way

2024 Rates

All prices subject to change without notice.