J&B Publishing – April 19, 2016

Full of enthusiasm, energy, and excitement.                                                      Indio to Indy — or bust!

Our getaway . . .interior

After loading the bus with enough clothes and food to survive for about a year, we hit the road at 11:30am. First stop, about 1.5 miles to a truck stop for diesel. Didn’t fill it up though, it should be cheaper in Arizona.

And now we understand why big rig drivers tend to be rotund — we were already hungry and quickly put away a couple of tacos before hitting the road.

Adventures in our Winnebago mapDestination :
Pirate’s Cove, Needles, CA

We know, not very far, but hey, we’ve got about 5 1/2 weeks to get to Indianapolis, right? We are parked right on the Colorado River — with a great view out the windshield.fromtheroadview


On the road . . .

We headed east on Route 10, climbing out of the Coachella Valley in 4th
gear, our Jeep following dutifully behind. Life is grand. Then John was complaining that the pedal was to the floor and we were doing a respectable, but disappointing 57 mph. Everyone was passing us — not good! Well, being positive, I said that 57 seemed fast enough.

It only took 20 minutes or so before he realized he was still in 4th gear. Switching to 6th gear gave us back all the power we could hope for. John said it was “part of the break-in process.” Whew, first problem solved!


At our first stop…

Set-up took some maneuvering to be level, but we worked that out.
Next was getting the satellite dish up and DirecTV working. That also took many tries, but success was achieved. Dinner will be BBQ filet mignon here at “home,” but the chef had to go the the camp store for bug spray so he can brave the locals.

[John wants to know if I’m going to keep poking fun at him . . .
I think so, it’s funny!
And besides,
I’m the one writing this!]

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