J&B Publishing – April 23, 2016

DESTINATION: FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA                                                      Day 2,3,& 4- Still enthusiastic!


Had an early start, wheels up (oops, that’s the airplane) — wheels to the road at 7:50 a.m.!

Didn’t go too far before we decided to get some cheaper than California diesel, only $2.35 per gallon. Went to the big rig side of the station (see photo) — truckers are not exactly the best looking crowd, but they are nice enough.

Bus running great, using all gears, sometimes going 70-75 mph. The Arizona speed limit is 75 mph for everyone — trucks, buses, vehicles towing, anyone. John is loving it . . .


2nd report-1Once again, hungry early — driving such a big bus seems to make both the driver and the passenger very hungry. Stopped at the Road Kill Cafe on Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona. We asked what the fresh road kill was and the answer was, “You kill it, we grill it!”

Back on the road, and hours later got to the Flagstaff KOA. Nice enough place, but very tight. Trees everywhere. Managed to avoid hitting anything, but unable to get our satellite to find a signal.

Oh well, had a brief rest, then off to play golf. Played only nine holes, but Betty managed to lose two pink balls in the same lake, bummer.

2nd report-2

For cocktails, dinner, and dancing, we went to The Museum Club, also known as the Zoo by the locals. We had been there in our “youth,” before we were married, more than 21 years ago.

It didn’t change, but we did! It was smaller than we remembered and dance lessons were going on, without any music — boring! Finally did hear some music, made a few turns around the dance floor, and then we departed.

On the road…
Flagstaff to Albuquerque

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Entering New Mexico

2nd Report.pages 2nd Report.pages