Adventures in Our Winnebago No. 6

Hilton Head to Charleston SC, to Ashville NC… And the bus keeps rolling!

6th Report.pages

Downtown Charleston SC

6th Report.pages

We’ve had great campgrounds- this is the Oak Plantation RV Park in Charleston

An average day on tour…

We wake up… and get up whenever we want. Freshly brewed coffee is the flip of a button away, and it’s just like we want it. Watch the news, make some breakfast and our day gets going slowly.

OK, time to pick up camp. Betty cleans up and stows all the loose items. Makes sure doors and latches are secure. Chair and footstools moved to the side, satellite dish goes down with the push of a button. John dumps tanks every 2-4 days, disconnects water and electrical and makes sure awnings are in. Slides are brought it and locked, jacks up, jeep hooked up—and we’re off.

We have had many 2 to 3-night stops, and when it’s a moving day, we’ve been driving an average of 2 to 5 hours. We’re getting an average of 8 miles per gallon. Lunch is usually on the bus, at a rest stop, or by the side of the road.

We select the next RV park usually as we’re heading down the road. So far no issues getting a reservation and the RV parks have been really nice. Lots of green here in the south with beautiful trees and lots of room. John expertly maneuvers into our campsite and pushes a button to put the jacks down and level the bus. Once level, the slides go out, satellite dish goes up and slight furniture rearranging. John hooks up water and electric, removes bugs from windshield… and its home sweet home. 10-15 minutes max set up time-faster than checking into a hotel and opening your suitcase. (no packing and unpacking here). Cocktail time!!

We’re getting pretty good at all this. Sorry, no mishaps to report. No taking off with hoses being dragged out of their fittings, no slides left out, satellite dish left up, (NO, we’ve never, ever done any of these things…on this trip!) We’re enjoying the mobile life.


Mother’s Day Brunch at a waffle house, Basillica of St. Lawrence, and golf in Charleston by the Stono River.

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