January 17 – 20, 2017

John, Betty, & Friends

Sunset Vista Camping Facility


This is a beach parking lot during the summer, but during the off season of October 1 through May 31 it becomes an RV park. The location is fantastic with great ocean views and lots of restaurants and shops within a short walk. There are only two rows. Motorhomes/trailers up to 30 feet can park in the front row, next to the bike/walking path with the beach and ocean beyond. The second row accommodates up to 42 foot motorhomes.

Three motorhomes from All Inside RV made the short trip — John & Betty Obradovich, Mark & Maggie Croudy, and John & Judy Austin. It wasn’t exactly beach weather, but we enjoyed the location, walks, and an 11 mile round trip bike ride to Newport Beach and back. Most of it was on a wide bike path along the beach. The two with electric  bikes thought it was an easy ride, and the other four thought it was a great workout.

Behind us was PCH and a new mall. Just a short walk was Main Street and old town Huntington Beach. It’s a great town with hole-in-the-wall restaurants that have been there for years, an old movie theater and smaller shops. Then there are the newer, beautiful restaurants and stores across the street from the old. This is a unique beach-side campground (parking lot) located just south of the Huntington Beach Pier between Huntington and 1st streets. Reservations may be made on the first day of the month, 3 months prior to arrival (only open from October 1 through May 31). And it’s only $60 a night plus a $10 processing fee — $50 plus fee for seniors.

Enjoying the sunset, the surf, & great company! We love this place!