Wednesday- We paid to park our RV onsite from Thursday through Sunday night- On a grass lot, no hook-ups.. OK, I tell myself repeatedly, we can do that, we can do that…

Only problem, John wants to be there the night before, in line, to get a great piece of grass. Wow, five nights of dry camping. OK, OK, all the laundry is done, sheets changed, one long hot shower the night before, and I’m ready.

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Early morning dilemma: “What does one wear en-route to a Walmart parking lot, in preparation for a 5 day dry camping trip?” Answer: “Anything you want, doesn’t matter much!”

So Wednesday morning we drive the 30 minutes into Indianapolis, park the bus in a Walmart parking lot, hop in the jeep and drive to Lot 1A to check it out. Of course, we can’t get into Lot 1A until 7am Thursday morning. Not much room to “line up and wait.” So back to Walmart to buy a few essentials (all campers shop at Walmart when on the road), turn on the generator, and take a nap in the parking lot.

Hmmmm, John still not satisfied with our position, so move the bus 1.5 miles down the road to another large, empty parking lot where we are closer to ur target. Oops, Security says we can’t stay there overnight. So off we go again, this time directly to Lot 1A.

We meet another motorhome coming out and he says we can overnight in Lot 1C, then more to 1A int he morning. Great! So, here we are, happily parked along with 40+ RVs, campers, and vans, on a lush green lot, waiting to more to another grass lot in the morning. John’s set an alarm for 6am and he plans to be in line at 6:05AM…again to get a great piece of grass…but in Lot 1A!

INDY 500

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Notice how close we are to the stands.

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John wants to know how bus drivers can stay in shape when a fully stocked fridge is behind him 24/7!

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Noisy night. Lots more cars, trucks, buses, and trailers arrived and the campers partied until 2:30am. And I thought the recommended ear protection was for the noise of the cars, wrong!

Up at 6am to beat the crowd singing up…wrong again! The cars were lined up for blocks. We positioned on a small side street. once they started letting people in at 7am, we were able to get into the line and into the lot. What mayhem! No one directing traffic at all. Everyone driving every which was, facing all directions. We were told we had to park between the brown grass lines defining a 40X20 box. Oops, we’re 43 feet. So we’re hanging over front and back and the jeep is snuggles up real close.

Now we site and watch as a group of seasoned campers circle their “wagons” and more their lawn. Great idea!