Thursday- off to the sprint car races. John worked with Bob East when they were both 20…a few years ago. Bob is well known in the sprint field, he owns Beast Chassis. This was the start of our race week.

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FRIDAY- First visit to the Indy Track to see Blake Shelton perform–He was awesome!

Saturday- Carb Day at the track-We stocked up on t-shirts and visited the Indy Museum, which was fabulous.

Sunday- Our seats were 7 rows up, between the start/finish line and turn one. Seated next to John is our Rancho La Quinta neighbor and friend, Frank Schilling, and his cousin, Dick. They live in Northern Indiana and had never been to an Indy race. They drove down Saturday for the Blake Shelton concert. They spent the night in the motorhome with us.

The headphones not only cancelled out some of the noise, but we had a scanner that allowed us to hear the radio broadcast of the race, and we could switch to hear the conversation in any car we selected.

Back in the neighborhood… Then on to Louisville!

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SLUGGER MUSEUM & FACTORY Family owned and making bats since 1884!


We had the priveldge of visiting this very interesting museum three days before Ali died. His dedication to his beliefs was inspiring. He was one of our first black role models, and although we may not always have understood all of his actions, looking back you can’t help but respect this man. 

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It took us almost a week to get past Texas…

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Then we were exploring places we haven’t been to in awhile–or ever.

We stopped to store our RV and it’s definitely not All inside RV Storage, but we are at least covered- just hoping the building doesn’t collapse on it!

We took a short Uber ride (our first) to Indianapolis Airport. Flew to Vegas. We had a 3 hour layover which gave us time to have dinner with John, Jenna, Jamee, and Vanessa. Then we had a short flight to Ontario and an hour trip to home-sweet-home!

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And now folks…It’s time for an intermission…To be continued September 2016.