Adventures in our Winnebago, No. 8

Aircraft Owners & Pilot’s Association:

We had a nice tour of AOPA’s headquarters. John has been a member for about 40 years and this was our first visit to headquarters.

AOPA purchased the Bahamas and Caribbean Pilot’s Guide and are now in the production of the 2017 Guides. It was nice to meet with the people we have been dealing with. They were extremely cordial.

We’ve really been enjoying the Virginia and Maryland countryside. Everything is very, very green and lush. From the highway, everything looks like a golf course…minus the flags and the golfers. Some of the country roads en route to the RV parks are quite narrow but John does an excellent job of maneuvering the bus (I close my eyes only occasionally).

Worthington Manor Golf Course, Frederick, MD

This is one of the prettiest golf courses I have ever played, but definitely not one of the easiest! The green rolling hills and the large homes were just spectacular. it was a bit cold, as you can see by our attire, but at least we had sun and blue skies.